Awen – Celtic Collection

In the Celtic tradition, Awen is the symbol of creativity and artistic inspiration.  It is the spark of life, the flowing essence of wisdom.

Look closely for the symbols woven into our Awen throw blanket. In the centre, the palm of the hand is inscribed with three flowing lines that are the mark of Awen.

The meaning of the three lines is open to interpretation, but the most widely held theory is that they represent three rays of light. The rays may represent mind, body and spirit; land, sea and sky; love, wisdom and truth; or the male and the female with the centre line as balance.

We say, chose the interpretation that resonates with you.

Floating around the hand are [from top left] the horse of strength; the shaman crane; the hare of fertility; the serpent of regeneration; the boar of valour; the salmon of wisdom; and the hound of loyalty.

The moon, sun, a river, and mountains are intricately interwoven into the flowing, gorgeous design with brilliant, jewel-like colours.

Eight miles of 100% colour-fast, pre-shrunk cotton are woven into every Awen throw blanket. The tapestry-style throw has the vibrant colour, brilliant detail and luscious soft feel that can be achieved only through jacquard weaving.

Drape your Awen throw blanket over your sofa or bed, or use to stay cosy while reading and watching telly. Unlike traditional Irish woollen throws [or ‘rugs’ as they are also called], it can be machine washed and tumble dried and will stand up to years of daily use.  In fact, it will only become softer and more welcoming with time.

Yet its premium quality jacquard weave makes it suitable to hang on a wall like a fine tapestry. It is truly a woven work of art.

Loominations Awen throw blanket makes a wonderful gift, adding warmth and texture to the home of anyone with Irish pride.

The Awen throw blanket is designed by renowned Welsh artist, Jen Delyth, and is available in Ireland and the U.K. exclusively through Loominations.

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Price: €149.
Free shipping to Ireland | Rest of world: €18

Product Details:

Material: 100% premium quality colour fast cotton

Measurements: 137 x 178 cm (54 x 70 inches)

Weight: 1.5 kg (2.5 lbs)

Care:  Machine wash and tumble dry


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