About Loominations

A brief word about me and Loominations Irish Throws. I’m Jamie Monagan, owner of Loominations Irish Throws. In 2000, my husband, three children and I moved to Cork from our native U.S. Our family originally thought it was going to be a one year adventure.

We never left! We have settled and now call Cork home.

For more than 20 years I’ve owned and treasured two cotton throw blankets that represent important places in my life. One of my blankets weaves landmarks from the New Jersey Shore, where I spent my summers growing up. The second is from Cornwall, Connecticut where we lived until becoming ex-pats. Both of these blankets have been machine washed and dried countless times. While they have been ‘through the mill’, they have held up surprisingly well due to their weave quality.

Back in 2013, I was sitting comfortably in our Cork City home with my Jersey Shore blanket thrown over my lap, when I had a ‘light bulb’ moment. I thought, ‘Why does nothing like this exist in Ireland?’.


And that was the beginning of Loominations Irish Custom Throws. It’s been a great entrepreneurial adventure ever since.

Loominations have added new designs. Loominations have introduced our Wild Atlantic Way Throw Blanket and gift collection. We have also as designed the Ring of Kerry Throw Blanket.  Our Wild Atlantic Way Throw Blanket has been a huge success. Loominations’ Awen, Celtic Cross and Tree of Life blankets are wonderfully unique and colourful. The Celtic collection continues to inspire.  We love to hear from our customers how much they love the colourful weave of Irish folklore and Celtic imagery on the blankets. I hope you enjoy Loominations Irish Throw Blankets as much as I do.

I hope that Papa – my Roscommon-born grandfather, William Donnelly – would be proud.


Loominations Weave

All Loominations Throw Blankets are woven on a, state-of-the-art, computerised jacquard loom in the U.S.  All Loominations Throw Blankets and products are made in safe and ethical working conditions.  No mill in Ireland has the capability to weave this type of throw.  Loominations Irish Throws is located in Cork City, Ireland.

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